Ten Phone Habits That Weaken Your Battery

Most people in Africa use Android phones and these have an average battery life of 5000amp. However we all have those phone habits that seem harmless but actually damage our batteries.

1. Using the phone while charging is the leading culprit of weakened batteries. Most smartphone uses are not patient enough to wait until the phone charges so they charge while using the phone.

2. Charging upto 100% may look ideal but actually weakens your battery. It’s always better to charge upto 80% then continue topping up throughout the day.

3. Over charging also weakens the battery and many of us do this. Unplug the phone from your charger once it gets fully charged to save it from getting weakened by constant current.

4. Using fast charging options and apps for charging may save time but also do alot of damage to the battery in the long run. It’s always better to use these apps for a limited number of minutes per a day.

5. Using a high screen light on the phone also drains your battery making it it hard to last. Use a medium screen light that’s comfortable on the eyes and doesn’t weaken the battery.

6. Stop Apps from running in the background which drain the battery and ensure that it doesn’t last for long. It’s always better to stop Apps from running in the background if you have limited battery power.

7. Keeping the phone in hot conditions yet all phone labels warn about hot conditions and battery life. Keep the phone in optimal conditions to avoid a diminishing charge in very cold conditions and exploding batteries in very hot conditions.

8. Using direct chargers can also weaken a battery because it’s being short circuited and the charge can’t be regulated. This can result into a battery swelling and eventually exploding.

9.Charging from solar based sources of power is also bound to shorten your battery’s life though no scientific studies have been carried out.

10. Charging using a very strong charger for a weak phone will damage the battery since the current is too high for the charging system to regulate.

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