Purpose Of RAM In Your Computer And Mobile Phone

Here Is The Purpose Of RAM In Your Computer And Mobile Phone. may be a major issue for anybody who works as their own tech geek on their computer system or mobile phone. It is a critical component of a computer system or your mobile phone’s system.

Purpose Of RAM In Your Computer And Mobile Phone

Random Access Memory (RAM) is the storage place for application programs, operating systems, and data currently in use. As a result, the computer’s CPU will be able to access them quickly when required. RAM stands out among the many kinds of storage available in a computer system. It outperforms floppy disks, hard disks, and CD-ROMs.


Thedata stored in RAM is only available for the duration of the computer’s operation. When a computer is turned off, the information saved in RAM is erased. When the computer is switched back on, data from the hard drive is recovered, bringing RAM back into focus. RAM is a kind of primary memory that applications may access.

 Purpose Of RAM In Your Computer And Mobile Phone

RAM functions similarly to a human’s short-term memory. RAM can access the computer’s or phone’s long-term memory in the same way that the human brain can. When short-term memory is full, this is often required. Most computers have at least 256 million RAM bytes, as well as a hard drive with a storage capacity of 40 billion bytes. Data is written on a magnetic surface that looks like a record. Computer printers may also store bytes of RAM. Each byte of RAM may be determined independently without requiring access to the other bytes.


There are two types of RAM. SRAM stands for Static Random Access Memory while DRAM stands for Dynamic Random Access Memory. The more common of the two kinds is DRAM. DRAM has to be refreshed at a rate of thousands of times per second.

The access time to information in DRAM is 60 nanoseconds. SRAM is more expensive than DRAM, although it operates at a considerably faster rate. A memory cell is created by the interlocking of a capacitor and a transistor. This is a single piece of information. SRAM also enables access in as little as 10 nanoseconds.

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